Previous Experience

Previous Experience


- ASI Surveys for :

  • M/VGAS BEAUTY I” at Suez Port, Egypt
  • M/V “EGYPT GAS” at Suez Port, Egypt
  • M/V “ISIS GAS” at Suez Port, Egypt  
  • M/V “GAS SUEZ” at Suez Port, Egypt  
  • M/V “ORION GAS” at Suez Port, Egypt
  • M/V “CAPRICORNIO GAS I” at Suez Port, Egypt  
  • M/V “MARIMAR GAS” at Alexandria Port, Egypt 
  • M/V “ELENA B” at Alexandria Port, Egypt  
  • LPG/East Med Gas at Suez Port, Egypt
  • Tug Boat "Gupco 1" at Shukair Port, Egypt
  • M/V “Leptis Star” at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  •       M/V “Mallak” at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • M/V ”Adriatica” at Jeddah Port, Saudi Arabia 
  • M/V " Fugro Navigator"at Abo Qir Port, Egypt 
  • M/V "Msc Caitlin" at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  • M/V " MC Marlina" at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  • M/V " Ocean Olympic" at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  • M/V "Aqua Blesing" at Erteria 
  • M/V " Beagle VI"  at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  • LPG " Gas Suez " at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • LPG " Gas Beauty I " at OPL Suez, Egypt 
  • LPG " Isis Gas " at OPL Suez, Egypt 
  • LPG " Marimar Gas " at Alexandria Port, Egypt
  • M/V “Gaz Suez” at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • M/V “Geco Eagle” at OPL Alexandria, Egypt
  • M/V  “Elena B” at Damietta Port, Egypt 
  • Gas Liberty at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • M/V "Adritica” at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • BW Rhine at Suez Port, Egypt 
  • M/V “Furgo Navigator” at Port Said Port, Egypt 

- Follow-up Class Survey for ITMB on M/V “QUEEN HAYA”, M/V  “Taiba” and M/V “Hai Wang Xing”.

- Special Survey for M/V “DREAM H” at Suez Dry Dock, M/V “Mallak I”, M/V “Taiba” and ZAD1.

- ISSC & SMC Surveys for M/V “LIMESTONE II” and M/V “TAYCOON II”, M/V “Elena B”, M/V “Simran”, M/V "Taiba" and LPG "Gas Suez" at Suez Port, Port Said, El-Dekheila Port and Alexandria Ports.

- Pre-Purchase and Full Condition Surveys for M/V “KIKI P”, M/V “DYNAMIC G”, M/V “PONTOKRATIS”, M/V “ASPILOS”, M/V “MOHAMED PRINCE” and M/V “MEDITERRANEAN STAR” at several Egyptian Ports.

P&I Survey for M/V“SVYATOY IAKOV”.




- Full design of ALMANYA LUBE OIL CO. at Free zone, El Amryiah, Alexandria-Egypt.

- Re-shaping of propeller blades of M/VNADEEN”, classed ITMB.

- Hydraulic System Inspection Survey  Crank Shaft, Alignment of Main Engine, Supplying & Installation of  New Alarm System, Alignment Inspection Survey, Boiler Inspection Survey, Generator Overhauling and Crank Shaft Alignment of Main Engine for M/V “BABLE”.

- Using of doubler plate for M/V“DREAM H”, classed ITMB.

- Stability calculations & preparation sounding tables for supply M/V“SUBSEA 99”, classed ABS.

- Stability calculations for M/V“WESTERN SHORE”, classed ABS.

- Study of the noise problem of the Air conditioning during the operation of the hall meeting room of GASCO.

- Structure Calculations of M/VLIMESTONE II”.

- Structure & Stability Consultancy of M/VMALAK I”.

- Structure Calculation Analysis of M/VTAIBA”.

- Stability Calculations of M/VMISR GULF XII.


- Sinking of RO-RO/V“RAGEEB I” at the entrance channel of Al Hamriyah Port, Dubai-U.A.E.

- Grounding of the bulk carrier M/VLAKE KONPIRA” at Gawdar Port- Pakistan at the approach area.

- Fire of M/VTE HSING” accommodation upon sailing from Muara Berau Port, East Kalimantan, Samarinda- Indonesia.

- Collision between the bulk carrier M/V“JUPITER ACE” and M/V“ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS” at the entrance channel of Douala Port- Cameroon.

- Foundering of M/VRHEIN BRIDGE”.

- Master Death of M/T“CHEMSTAR BELLE”.

- Explosion & Fire On board M/VSILICA II.


- Sinking of M/VPARRAMATTA.

- Sinking of M/VMOUSTAFA 1.

- Accidental Release For Rescue Boat of M/V “APJ KAIS”.